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ALIX's voice is sultry, sensual, and full of attitude for the usual pop singer. One of her talents is the ability to adapt to any genre when songwriting. She embraces the fusion and believes this is what is next for her generation of musicians. ALIX believes songwriting as a form of creative conversation is a necessity for all music lovers. She has always looked up to the songwriters of the industry and started her career as a songwriter. Growing up, writers would make her feel like the songs were about her, about what she was feeling and dealing with. "We all want to relate to something, to not feel alone."

In 2017, ALIX’s first release, “Come Alive”, a feature with Romanian singer and producer Costi, gained over 15million views on YouTube in the first few months. She has been a part of multiple projects from 2017 - present, including her own artists, sister duo 1323, through her label, Ambitious Future Records. Developed by and release through AF Records, 1323 gained half a million streams organically their first year as a duo under ALIX's independent label. She writes and executive-produces all music projects for the duo with her partner, AF co-founder Paul Sikoral. She takes a personal interest in artist she collaborates with successfully. ALIX wrote debut singles “Again”, “Overthinking”, “Temporary” & “On & On’, for Univision artists and online influencers Franny Arrieta (@frannyarrieta) and Nezza (@babynezza). Premiering at VidCon, the singles have already gained hundreds of thousands of streams, along with incredible engagement from fans. 

ALIX's voice is a perfect compliment to any beat. She dropped her debut 10 track album "Since '96" at the end of 2018 and will be a part of a number of releases in 2019 so be on the look out!